KneadMe Mobile Massage
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About the Practitioner


My name is Kate Anne Smith, I am a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist, and have been in the massage field for 12 years.  I have over 700 hours of professional training and over 5000 satisfied clients!

Why Mobile Massage Therapy?  It's the most convenient for you!  I bring my Professional Therapeutic Massage Therapy and all equipment directly to you!  All you provide is the time and place!

    I believe in Customized Massage Therapy, not a one-size-fits-all approach to massage.  I am customer focused therapist,  I pride myself on being able to adjust to my client's specific needs and conditions.  

Before becoming a therapist, I was a frequent customer of massage therapy, receiving massage for chronic pain, depression, and stress.  I know personally how healing massage is for me, and I apply that knowledge to my own practice.  I often receive massage often to enhance my own skills as a healing therapist.

I believe that a massage is an important tool in achieving overall health.  Adding massage to your life can help you live a better life achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  That is why I keep my prices affordable.  I am able to provide a professional, quality, healing massage at lower rates because I am mobile, reducing my overhead costs.  I also take the extra time to address my client's specific needs, and never allow the clock to dictate my work.  I provide the most value and highest quality possible to my clients!


I can help you :

Freedom from pain

Meet your fitness goals

Improve flexibility

Reduce stress and tension

Improve your mood

Enhance your overall productivity 

Live your life to the fullest potential

 I am trained in over ten different types of massage therapy but specialize in Preventative Care Massage and Sports Massage.  

Preventative Care Massage will lower your blood pressure, boost your mood, and naturally improve your immune system.  It could be the missing link between you and your overall quality of life!

Sports Massage is for the professional to the weekend warrior, whatever your fitness goals are, I can help you achieve them.  Sports massage improves athletic performance by keeping the body healthy and flexible.

I accept all Major Credit Cards for your convenience and offer a money back guarantee.